State of Grace Collection

Regina is an elegant light gold Mikado dress offers a sophisticated silhouette with its pleated bodice and unique play of ruffles and volumes. The standout feature of the gown is its oversize, draped sleeves, which merge seamlessly with the neckline, adding a touch of drama and glamour to the overall look.

One of the notable aspects of this dress is its versatility. The sleeves and ruffle are removable, allowing for a stunning transformation into a strapless gown. This adaptability provides the bride with the option to switch up her look throughout the day, from a statement-making entrance with the sleeves and ruffle to a timeless and elegant strapless style for the reception.

Overall, this dress is a perfect choice for brides who appreciate both versatility and sophistication, offering a stunning and memorable ensemble for their special day.

Available in store: Light Gold,10

Available to order: Light gold, Ivory  0-32 (US)


This dress is available instore. Contact us (via Phone or Email) for more information.